David Arantes, born in Porto, lives in Porto. Photographer and musician who has a great eye for color and design naturally found in nature. He reveals its artistic potential by contrasting everyday surroundings with industrial elements and wide range of textures.

Each of Arantes’s images create mysterious and captivating story.

" I use my images to create lies. I like to test new possibilities and provide some confusion, even if very subtle.Every image lives in a closed world and for me there is no direct connection between them.” - Arnantes

See more of Arantes’s photographs at his tumblr here, and buy prints here.

Or listen to his music, as STURQEN, with César Rodrigues. 



André Silva, a young creative from Porto (Portugal).
"Since I was a child I always enjoyed drawing. I also remember that I said several times that I wanted to be an illustrator.
Later, I followed my education and started doing my work as an illustrator for bands and events.
Today I can say that I divide my life between two passions, design and illustration.

I’m currently available to do collaborations with other studios or designers. So, feel free to contact me if you want to work with me!”

"Fernando Pessoa was a Portuguese poet, writer, literary critic, translator, publisher and philosopher, described as one of the most significant literary figures of the 20th century and one of the greatest poets in the Portuguese language."

This project brings together his, not so well known, poems for children through my handmade collages. For more projects visit ANDRÉ SILVA portfolio.

Fall in love with your wall with OhWallpaper

Heve you ever wanted to feel like portuguese heritage visited your home? Now it’s possible with an amazing wall designs from Oh Wallpaper. And, yes the international shipping is possible :)  

Inspired by national heritage and culture OhWallpeper is a portuguese brand that appeared on many design shows. The brand uses a modern, simple design forms to show what Portugal has best to offer. These elements were then put together in a series of images and figures, introducing a piece of unique contemporary design.

Here are some creations and examples from the collection "Walls From Portugal". Designs book is also available for order, with it you can view the entire collection. You can find the most characteristic to Portugal elements such as blue tiles “azulejo” or Lisbon roofs. 


Fasm have been shortlist with their second piece for the Sofa award in the design et al International Product Design Awards 2013 . 

The Retro collection draws from contemporary influences, an artistic period that emerged in the second half of the twentieth century and extends to present day.

The ‘Retro’ sofa is a piece that stems from research of periods of time that saw a real shift in the perception of art, such as the Op art and Pop art era of the 1960′s and 70′s. It was through this sentimental nostalgia, but using modern techniques

The sofa is available in fabrics with geometric elements, and high gloss lacquer to add a modern twist. There is also a chair in the collection too.

Here you can view more products…

Lisboa Story Centre its a new exhibition space in Lisbon that presents the history of the city like a journey through time, in a sensory and interactive experience, with historical recreations, videos and multimedia. We were invited to create and coordinate the communication design and wayfinding for the interior exhibition project (already developed by another office and already being implemented), in a project in which we had to work in partnership with different teams such as video, multimedia and sceneries. The communication needs included the creation of the visual identity, the promotional campaign, chromatic study for the interiors, the scenery illustrations and wayfinding. The visual identity uses an institutional language with a contemporary and digital treatment. For the centre symbol we used the graphic representation of a black crow, as a reference to Lisbon’s historical symbol of two crows in a boat. A digital effect of dots decomposition was added to the graphic element representing the interactive/multimedia experience that the centre proposes. Different typefaces were selected to satisfy the different communication needs: institutional, digital or historical illustration inside the exhibition space. In the spaces outside the exhibition, the wayfinding is combined with big graphic illustrations (also with the effect 
of dots decomposition) decorating the space with the identity theme.

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Lisboa Story Centre — Memórias da Cidade (Memories of the City)
Terreiro do Paço, 2012, Lisboa, Portugal
Identity and Wayfinding
Client: HCI - Construções, S. A.
Partners: ILM - Leading Sustainable Tourism
Design director: Pedro Anjos
Designers: Vanda Mota

Photos: Ricardo Gonçalves

Based in porto, portugal, atelier martino&jaña, was born in 2000 as a project of two people, João Martino and Alejandra Jaña. Today it’s a product of a pluralistic and eclectic team that shares motivations and ideals.

Twelve years ago, two creative people from Portugal, João Martino and Alejandra Jaña, came to the idea to start a design studio.  I really am not able to decide which one was the most interesting or beautiful project so I’ll just suggest that you take a look at all of them at http://www.behance.net/martinojanadesign.

The series of Jazz festival posters definitely deserve to be highlighted. Amazing typography an form.